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Tweet Adder’s Features Include

Software Posting Features:

  • Add Automation to an Unlimited number of Twitter Profiles
  • Follow, Tweet, UnFollow, and Follow Back 24 hours a day
  • Automatically Send Tweets, Re-Tweets, and RSS Feeds
  • Cracks the recaptchas for Twitter
  • Schedule Tweets, Follows, Unfollows, and all your Twitter Messages
  • Automatically post RSS Feeds at various time intervals
  • Built in URL Shortner with ability to track Twitter Traffic from your profile
  • Automate Re-tweets, Thank You Tweets, @Replies Tweets, and Direct Tweets

Software Search Features:

  • Tweet Search and ability to Follow Targeted Profiles with Tweet Search
  • Search Keywords of Tweets in Profiles
  • Search Twitter Users by Location; city, state, zip, street, country
  • The Best Twitter Friend Search Capabilities
  • Languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian,
  • Japanese, Portuguese, Russian
  • Profile Bio Keyword Search to find users who share interests
  • Search all Followers of a Specific user on Twitter
  • Search all users Followed by a Specific user on Twitter
  • Ability to Search all Twitter users of a List

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